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Frequently asked Questions 



Will my foil balloon be ok in the car overnight?


We highly advise that you don't leave balloons in the car due to changes in temperature. We normally suggest that balloons are stored inside at room temperature. 



How long do your balloons last for?

We usually say that foil balloons can last between 5-6 days fully inflated. However helium is a very temperamental gas and is highly effected by its surroundings. This could mean that some balloons will last a lot longer than others. 

Latex balloons are very different and don't last as long. Helium seeps out of latex balloons a lot quicker. This is why we put hi-float in all of our latex balloons to give them 25 times longer flight time. 



My foil balloon has deflated after I collected it this morning, is it faulty?

Helium contracts when it is cold, so once in a warm environment, the helium should expand and the balloon should go back to being fully inflated. That been said please be aware to not put balloons near a fire or hot radiator as the heat can expand the balloon to cause it to pop.

If your balloon doesn't go back to its normal helium capacity it could mean your balloon is faulty and you should get in contact with us immediately so we can solve the problem.



How do I place a balloon order with you?

Making a balloon order is really quick and easy. Just click on the button below to make one. 



Do you sell Helium?


We do the 50 tanks at £39.99 - This tank will inflate 50 9'' balloons.

We also hire out large gas canisters for large events or corporate firms - Contact us for a quote.



Do you have a delivery service?

We understand that with some of your events or occasions it is easier for you to have us deliver your balloons. This service is available in opening hours and we do have a delivery charge depending on where we deliver to. 



How far in advance do I need to book with you to ensure your available for my event? 

As soon as you know the date of your event. It is never too early to book your balloons with us, especially if you want us to deliver. Popular dates like New years eve, Valentines day ect.. mean that balloon delivery slots go super fast.  

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